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Why should you sprout seeds at home? Just because it is a wonderful way to fill up your body with vitamins, it is easy to do and also super cheap.

Sprouting in a jar 101

You would like to start sprouting at home, but think it’s too complicated? Here is everything you need to know to start this easy and fun project.


Large Masson jar
A Höm sprouting net


  1. Choose your seeds
  2. Cover the bottom of the jar with 3 to 4 seed’s layers
  3. With a rubber band, Secure the sprouting net on the opening of the jar.
  4. Wash the seeds with warm water and drain.
  5. Soak them overnight in warm water.
  6. In the morning, rinse well with warm water and drain.
  7. Place your jar at 45 degrees for best draining.
  8. Cover your jar with a cloth while leaving the opening free for air circulation.
  9. Rinse twice a day..
  10. As soon as you see small leaves appeare, uncover the jar and place in to indirect light.
  11. Once sproutted, store the seeds in the fridge and consume quickly.

Sprouting in a jar wooloo

New Green Products

A few weeks ago, Omaïki launched 4 new wow products to help live greener and take a step foward a zero waste lifestyle.

The HÖM collection includes all bathroom and kitchen essentials for a zero waste lifestyle, is made locally, is very stylish and high quality products.


germination en pot wooloo

Suitable for all types of bulk, even floury and fine products, available in three sizes, will allow you to definitely say goodbye to disposable plastic bags. 100% cotton. Washer, dryer. Cost: $ 8 to $ 12.


germination en pot wooloo

No more plastic in your grocery bags with thoses reusable fruit and vegetable bags, available in two sizes. 80% nylon – 20% polyester. Washer, dryer. Cost: $ 12 to $ 14.


germination en pot wooloo

Start your own sprouts without creating additional waste. All you need is your glass jar, sprouting seeds, water and sun! 80% nylon – 20% polyester. Washer, dryer. Cost: $ 12 for two nets.

Go shop at OMAÏKI’s for more beautiful green products. 

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Sprouting in a jar wooloo

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